Our Team

Aki Media studio is a family founded by a principal, directors, associates. architects, urban planners, interior designers, together with technical and administrative teams. Our favourite catchphrase is “you can’t spell the word family without AM”. This belief drives our “family-like” workplace to keep the team close in proximity. We believe in creating an environment that fosters individual and collaborative creativity, to elevate our productivity and freedom to boldly explore creative design options to meet our clients brief and parameters.

Lee Jong Heyn

Assistant Architect

Alison Tang

Assistant Architect

Christopher Phang Min Kiat

Assistant Architect

Nur Syamimi Aisya Ahmad

Assistant Architect

Fabian Ho Soon Hai

Senior Interior Designer​

Cassandra Lau Yein Lin

Interior Designer​

Jolia Phang Joon Joo


Liong Lian Foong


Liaw Yian Yian


Ong Poh Ann


Chua Wei Chung


Tay Teck Hui

Finance Manager

Grifith Justin

Assistant Accountant

Norita Binti Brahim

Administration Manager

Julia Binti Mohd Taufiq


Fanny Anak Eric Nuwon


Nurain Mary Syuhada


Yorekha Smithnow Anak Carol


Atong Anak Sadeng

Project Co-ordinator

Mohammad Noor

Senior 3D Architectural Visualizer

Muhammad Firdouz Bin Majlan

Landscape Architect

Faris Ambas Anak Norma

Landscape Architect

Mohd Dzia Attirmidzi

3D Architectural Visualizer / Animator

Junwatson Anak Dunggau

Senior Graphic Designer

Ting Lei Cing

Intern Interior Designer

Sabrina Chan

Intern Architect

Saifudin Bin Jamain

Despatch Clerk

Roziah Binti Bolhi

Estate Caretaker