Christy Tan Ik Chia

Technical Associate
Hotel and Hospitality Lead

All great architecture is not reinforced by materials and concrete alone, but by the intangible collaboration of different disciplines and brilliant minds.

Christy joined Aki Media in 2014 with the passion for design and strong technical perception that landed her the role as the technical associate of the team. Her unwavering commitment in introducing innovative technology, planning strategies and developing tactical knowledge breeds a continual success in designs with our clients.

Her fascination with technology in overcoming design challenges has led her venturing into (BIM) Building Information Modelling and other data visualisation tools to aid in shaping our team’s mentality in building design and project delivery for our clients

Her professional experience from construction to completion of both the Rivervale Residences and Condominium has helped her gain the ability of effectively managing large stakeholder group projects. Being a globetrotter, this has also widened her spectrum of the fundamental idea of “hospitality” and her desire to challenge the traditional hotel experiences. Her current involvement in the Sheraton Hotel project reflects her intention of realising clients’ visions, programs and budgets, and has earned her the lead in Hotel and Hospitality for Aki Media.