Julie Bong Chian Li

Studio Associate
Education and Science Lead

A great design is more than just good aesthetic. It is an amalgam of appreciation and inspiration derived from the beauty and complexity of forms around us.

As the studio associate at Aki Media, Julie leads the development of a work culture by fostering a collaborative environment that hones the company’s internal skills. She leads the studio with the belief of creating a fun workplace environment that channels efficiency and improves the productivity of our Aki Media family.

Her unique method of leadership has brought forth a progressive approach to the team with a working culture that enables knowledge sharing and the growth of creativity. Her studio role also encompasses liaising with industries, resources, commercial management, and human resource development.

Julie joined the firm in 2012, where her passion for combining artistic vision with technical problem-solving was immediately noted. Her full-time commitment and professional experience in the award-winning University Technology Sarawak project have earned her a key role in Education and Health. Her ability to work closely with clients and lead industrial teams in their progression from conceptual development to construction even issued in her delivering the first GBI “Platinum” rated university in Malaysia.

Prior to joining Aki Media, Julie’s brief experience in local and inter-state firms also helped shape her interest in sustainability and quantitative building performance analysis.