Lilian Lim Mut Li

Studio Manager
People and Culture

Communication and Trust are the key impetus that define our team performance and productivity.

Lilian began her career in Aki Media as an administrative clerk performing general office work. Over her 30 years serving the company, she has gained substantial experience assisting architectural professionals. Her current role as the studio manager provides effective and efficient administrative management in supporting the architectural practice and culture of the company.

Her crucial role in leading the “People and Culture” has introduced an empowering and engaging workplace for the team while constantly elevating our productivity. In addition, her enthusiasm for creating a “family-like” working environment also helps keep the team like-minded and aligned with our founder’s vision.

As our most respected and loyal staff of Aki Media, it is hard to imagine Aki Media without Lilian. Her caring and helpful personality have been the impetus in supporting the team from top to bottom with effective teamwork and respect for deadlines while providing the company with administrative talents, proving herself to be a core member of the AM family.