Victor Leong Soon Hian

Design Director
Workplace and Interior Design Lead

I approach projects with this idea of inclusiveness and inclusion. Inclusiveness necessitates the addressing of a range of complex issues and solutions at the time of the making whereby inclusion embraces the notion of not only focusing on the individual but rather, of the broader community.

Victor is the design director of Aki Media studio, his keen design vision and creative direction have evidently crafted all our past and present projects. As an engaging leader, he builds the momentum of the design team and actively guide the integrated design process and solution for large-scale and complex projects.

Our studio continues to entrusts Victor in overseeing the team with concept design proposal and delivery for high-profile and key projects. His collaborative and innovative practice continue to push the boundary of all the competition entries, master planning research and studies and our collaborative projects.

Over the past 26 years of experience, Victor has led many key and award- winning projects across a wide variety of sectors from mixed-used, civic, hospitality, residential, retail, transportation, education and industrial around Malaysia. In his leading role of workplace and interior design and extensive knowledge of design and project administration experience, Victor has successfully delivered prestigious and complex projects amongst those DUN Sarawak Legislative complex, conceptual work for University College Technology Sarawak, including specialized projects from oil and gas industry with Malaysia LNG and Murphy Oil corporation.

After a short stint at Simon Swaney Architects Melbourne, Victor joined Aki Media when the company was in its founding period and recognised as one of the pioneers in shaping the office notably in areas of design delivery flow and presentation processes. Combined with his work ethics and remain active contributor to local academia and music at UNIMAS and was a panel judge for PAM awards.