University of Technology Sarawak

" UTS is the first University in Malaysia to
achieve a GBI Platinum Index Rating. "

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Location:Sungai Merah Town District,
Sibu, Sarawak
Status:(Phase 01) Completed, Year 2013
(Phase 02) Completed, Year 2019
(Phase 03) Under Construction
Site Area:392,464 m2 / 96.98 Acres
Sector:Education and Science, Residential
Client:Edusar Resources Sdn Bhd
C&S Engineer:Jurutera Minsar Consult Sdn Bhd
M&E Engineer:Perunding Teknikal
Quantity Surveyor:Juruukur Bahan Tema Sdn Bhd
Contractor:Naim Engineering Sdn. Bhd – Hock Peng          Furniture and General Contractor Sdn Bhd JV
Awards:2015 PAM Awards for Excellence in              Architecture -PAM Award Silver (Category 5 Education)
2016 The Edge Malaysia – PAM Green      Excellence Award

GBI Rating:

Platinum Ratings (DA)

Aki Media is privileged to deliver the first Sarawak state-owned university, a highly sophisticated and intelligent campus in the humble town of Sibu. The completion of the new University of Technology Sarawak campus will be a major education hub, designed to significantly contribute to vibrancy while attracting more than 5,000 students and staff to the urban fabric of Sibu.

Situated adjacent to the historical Sibu airport runway, the organic formation and orientation of the site granted the design team the opportunity to magnify the sustainable qualities and the ability to achieve a green-rated building design. The overall master plan celebrates the unique geological identity of the river and the sense of place that reflects the origin and timeline of Sibu.

Designed as a modern educational role model and exhilarating contemporary building, the Rainforest Canopy is crafted as the centerpiece of the campus with a large central courtyard full of lush landscape. The permeable roof canopy allows natural daylight to infuse the active community gathering spaces, while the carved view opening blurs the boundaries between the inside and outside.     

Entry Point


Rainforest’s Canopy and Corridor

Taking inspiration from the vast jungle of Borneo, the spatial planning took its form from the organic frond of the fern leaf. The vertical circulation corridor is highly interlinked, leading from the central spine to multi-levels of various faculties, classrooms and shared hubs. This design blossomed from the intent to enhance the visual relationship between the functional spaces while simultaneously encouraging social interaction.

Aligned with the university’s vision of pioneering a high-tech learning and teaching environment, the design team responded by boldly exploring into futuristic architecture and employed the latest and more technologically advanced building materials. This approach reinforces the dynamic impression and characterises the conveying of the university’s forward-looking ideology towards their staffs, students and visitors.


"Designed with the imagery of a ‘high tech’, futuristic look to reflect the dynamism of the forward-looking UTS campus".

The UTS (phase 2) stage 01 development delivers 3 academic buildings which shares the parameters of the university investment in teaching-learning facilities, state of the art research and laboratory equipment, together with ICT infrastructures and services, and also research and development facilities in collaboration with industrial partners and government organisations.

The stage 02 completion provides various community facilities such as multi-storey car parks with 314 bays, a hostel housing 762 occupants with 392 rooms and also a surau, facilities of which complement the entire university’s master planning. The remaining phases of the campus are currently under design and planning for future advancements.

Sibu, Sarawak Malaysia

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