About Us

Our humble story begins with our principal architect, Hii Puong Ching who founded Aki Media in 1991. Under his orchestration and leadership coupled with a keen sense of foresight, our firm has witnessed a significant expansion from a family of eight to more than fifty staff members throughout the years. The AM family has proudly served our clients and the community with our creative practice, integrated design solutions, cultural identity and the pursue of innovation which has given us the reputation as one of the leaders in the field of architecture and design.

Aki Media studio is an architectural, urban design, planning and also interior designing firm based in Kuching, Malaysia founded under the ethos which reads “architecture is the medium that brings forth the quality of life to the human experience.” This ideology has translated into our founding name “AKI MEDIA”, an abbreviated term derived from the phrase “Architectural Media” which aptly reflects our company values and beliefs in our discipline and practice.

Our studio has delivered multiple recognised and award-winning projects which have created a strong impact on the urban fabrics and have also transformed the way people live and interact with the built environment. Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience of the industry enable us to clearly navigate through the ever-shifting social and economic landscape, an ability which plays a role in shaping the future of the community and built environment as a whole.

Our diverse portfolio over the years with projects of all scales and master planning for a new township, testifies our commitment in delivering high-quality projects while uniquely responding to our clients’ objectives within the parameters of the designated time-frame and their financial goal. Aki Media’s practice of partnership and close collaboration with our clients, the community, local authorities and industries have made all our project deliveries possible.

We sincerely believe that each project has its own unique challenge and identity. Our obligation is to capture and celebrate those moments with our clients through our design practice, while crafting meaningful and romantic places for the users to experience through our architectural story-telling.”