Ar. Hii Puong Ching

Founder / Principal
Client Engagement Relationship

Architecture is a medium through which 3-dimensional spatial concepts can be physically experienced, being evoca- tive over the continuum of time, feelings and imaginations, adding richness and quality to the journey of life.

Ar. Hii Puong Ching is our founding principal of Aki Media. He established the design firm with the philosophy of fostering professional practice and creative culture in his continuance of overseeing the expansion of the studio.

In his versatile role as the founder, he actively contributes in maximising client outcomes, with the focus of adding commercial value to clients’ projects through his vast experience and forward-thinking.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Hii Puong Ching has been involved in a diverse portfolio of architectural and interior projects. His work has received numerous awards and also the recognition of (PAM) Malaysia Institute of Architects.

Prior to establishing Aki Media in 1991, Hii Puong Ching previously served in the LCDA (Land Custody and Development Authority) for 5 and half years. A government authority tasked with the objective of coordinating and planning a Structured Development Framework for Sarawak while also acting as a pioneer t for catalytic projects.