Emporium and DeLOFTS Residences

Location:Jalan Tun Jugah, Kuching Sarawak
Status:Completed, Year 2015
Area: 26,900 m2
Sector:Mixed-Use, Retail and  Commercial, Residential
Client:KENBEST Sdn Bhd
C&S Engineer:

Eswel Engineers 

M&E Engineer:Perunding Teknikal
Quantity Surveyor:Pakatan International
Surveyor:Jurukur Jaya

Emporium and DeLoft Residences are mixed-use commercial and residential premises designed to meet the growing demand of the commercial hub in Kuching City. Strategically situated in a prominent commercial and residential precinct of Kuching, this aligns with the intention of creating a balanced economic growth for small and medium capital entrepreneurs through providing affordable retail spaces that co-exist with residential living.

The planning design respects the unique site configuration and condition with the idea of activating the front facade to the Tun Jugah highway that serve as a main connection from Kuching International Aiport to the hearts of the city of Kuching. The architectural design gives careful consideration to the three-storey commercial suites that comprising 102 units to revitalised the vicinity of the commercial precinct and further adding economy and social value to the quality of the urban fabric.

The ground podium offers accessible breakout spaces within the heart of the building premise with the inclusion of social and boutique retail activities. The generous skylight opening from the residential gardens enhances the natural illumination within the space. DeLoft Residences is segregated into 3 separate residential-blocks, with the 139 apartments elegantly situated on top of the commercial units, linked by various recreational facilities and landscapes, offering an expansive view across the central business district of Kuching.

The Façade is designed with cantilevered roofing in response to the formation and the function of the apartment plan, and features such as the view frame, sun shade and rain shield. The horizontal wall features act as a sculpture capturing the dynamic transformation and economical synergy of Kuching City.

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